Tundra Records Group

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  1. Lark • Meg Chambers
  2. Witness Tree • Tracy Tomasi
  3. It's Just a Phase • by Noel
  4. Xing • works in progress • by Noel
  5. Waiting for Angels • Peter Bruce Wilder
  6. Meaning • Peter Bruce Wilder
  7. Of Paper and Strings • Peter Bruce Wilder
  8. CactusPeter Bruce Wilder
  9. Wheel - a 25 Year Anthology • Peter Bruce Wilder
  10. Notes in the Air - Music for Television • Peter Bruce Wilder

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Tundra Records Group was formed to record and support the recording and production for committed artists in their quest for artistic and professional recognition.  Specializing in singer-songwriters, Tundra has been directly involved with the creation of over a dozen independent releases.  

For more information please contact us at:

Tundra Records Group
56 West View Street
Morrisville Vermont 05661-8409
(802) 888-7063